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PAW uses clicker training, which is gentler than traditional training methods.

Positive (or “pawsitive”) Animal Wellness is currently located in sunny Rincon, Puerto Rico. We focus on affirmation to help you communicate with your pet and in doing so building productive and worthwhile relationships in the process.

There are basically two types of training. Positive reinforcement based and training which relies on coercion, force, and corrections.

Positive reinforcement training (clicker training) observes behaviors you want to reinforce, marks the behavior the instant it occurs, and then “pays” with something reinforcing to the learner. If the learner makes a mistake all you do is wait and let them try again. In this way, learning becomes fun and rewarding!

Terrie Hayward, a certified Karen Pryor Academy Clicker Trainer has over 15 years of experience working with animals, delivering educational presentations, and rescuing, fostering, and rehabilitating stray and orphan dogs and cats.