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Prospective Client Questionnaire (Note: **Questions are for separation anxiety cases.)
Please provide some information about you, your dog, and your current situation. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and you would like us to consider working with you, please take the time to fill out the following questionnaire.

Filling out this questionnaire does not guarantee that we will be able to accept you as a client. We look forward to assessing your case and seeing if we can assist you! Thank you.

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How long has dog been in your household?

**How often is your dog being left alone currently?

**Can you adjust your schedule so that your dog will not have to be left alone during training for a while?

Have you done any previous training with your dog? (explain as needed)

**How long would you like to be able to leave your dog alone in the future (specify in hour range such as 2-4 hours)

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