I was recently in Sequim, WA at the Legacy Canine Training Center with Terry Ryan where I completed the Chicken Camp: Targeting and Discrimination.

Which, then brings the question: “Why the heck are you working with chickens?” Thus, here are seven simple statements as to how awesome chicken camp is for folks who work with dogs (& people & other animals)! Chicken Camp helps with…

1) fine tuning skills-reinforce early rather than late (esp. important wit new/difficult behaviors)

2) illuminating the idea of not “luring” or “baiting” but rather reinforcing & rewarding successful approximations

3) recognition re: skill level too high or reinforcement level too low4) reminding re: length & timing of sessions in order to maximize & plan work appropriately5) being mindful of physiological issues which may affect performance

6) keeping in mind extraneous/multiple variables when reinforcing & planning training

7) managing time re: content & breaks in order to provide a relaxed & productive training environment

Suffice to say, my Chicken Camp experience has made me a better dog trainer!

(condensed version via Mary Lynch Barbera, PHD, RN, BCBA)