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Karen Pryor – Dog Trainer Professional National Format

Dallas, Texas

Hands-on learning with your dog! Great for dog trainers who want to advance their skills.


Karen Pryor – Dog Trainer Professional Program

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Want to be the best dog trainer? This elite program is for you.


Animal Training & Behavioral Caribbean Event

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Learn amazing new techniques to enhance your dog behavior modification plans.

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A Deaf Dog Joins the Family Book

A Deaf Dog Joins the Family

Grab my easy-to-follow pocket guide for proven, hands-on tips, so your deaf dog eagerly responds when you need it most.

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Grooming Without Stress Book

Grooming Without Stress!

Learn compassionate alternatives to traditional grooming techniques to use for years to come, co-authored with Anne Francis and Jay Andors.

Coming soon!

Your 10 Minute a Day Dog Book

Your 10 Minute a Day Dog

Read my latest book for short, practical training exercises so your dog will go to great lengths to behave where and when you want.

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