Your concerns are as unique as your dog’s needs. Let me show you the way to training success.

All packages begin with a 90-120 minute behavior consultation. Subsequent lessons are 60-minutes, filled with actionable tips and tangible tasks customized to your needs. After every session, I’ll send you reinforcing resources and specific exercises. You’ll spend our time together focusing on your dog, not worrying about taking notes.

Ready for custom training that clicks? I’ll create a personalized package, for you and your dog—available worldwide. Discover a few behaviors often addressed in popular packages.

Dog Foundation Package

Build Your Dog’s Foundation Package

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog calmly responds to his name in the backyard? Settles himself when guests arrive for dinner? Focuses on you when asked, the first time? Gives you eye contact, even if he spots a CRITTER across the street? And resists the cheese platter on the edge of the counter?

Want to teach manners that matter in your everyday life and more? We’ll work on “sit,” “down,” “come,” leash walking—whatever you need.

Join me for a few sessions. I’ll customize every lesson to meet your needs.

Purchase 5 sessions for $475

Dog Ability Package

Improve Your Dog’s Abilities Package

Ready to impress your friends? In this program, we’ll work with MORE distractions. Your dog or puppy will learn foundation cues in real-life settings like doorways, while on walks, and, with MORE people.

We’ll also refine settling, add go-to-bed, and hone specific behaviors that are important to you and your family.

My goal is to give you the tools to progress, in every lesson.

Purchase 8 sessions for $675

Dog Behavioural Issues Package

Refine Canine Behavioral Issues Package

Concerned about your dog’s aggressive reaction towards people or dogs? Struggling with your puppy’s anxiety or fear? This package is perfect for you. I’ll help you determine the cause of your dog’s behavior. Then, I’ll create a customized training plan that works for you. Together, we’ll alleviate the stress and tension caused by troublesome behaviors.

I’ll provide support and expert guidance for disconcerting behavioral issues.

Purchase 12 sessions for $875

Prevent Puppy Problems Package

Prevent Puppy Problems Package

Get your puppy started on the right path. In this package, we’ll address behaviors that will help your puppy become a social, happy dog for years to come: chewing, house training, crate training, manners, basic cues, and gentle handling exercises so vital vet and grooming visits are stress-free. Let me help you prevent problems before they start.

Puppies learn so much every day. I’ll show you the way to a polite puppy.

Purchase 5 sessions for $475

Need help deciding?

I’m happy to help you decide which package is right for you. Email me for guidance.

Want personalized help?

I offer one-hour consultations for $125—and special packages for deaf dogs or dogs with separation anxiety.

Ready for extra support?

I have you covered. Many of my clients have benefited from my retainer service. Contact me for more details.

Paola + Cesar

We have two dogs. Each very different in personalities—one particularly, a very anxious dog—we had lost hope and thought we might have to medicate him. Then we met Terrie, and she worked miracles. Oliver’s security around strangers and us has grown considerably since we trained with her. The knowledge we got from each session has been life-changing for our dogs and has helped us also be better dog owners. We are forever grateful for Terrie.

Paola, Cesar, Oliver, and Gala

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