Let me accompany you on the route to relaxation for your dog.

Have your friends stopped inviting you to birthday parties? You’ve bailed—too many times— tending to your panicked dog?

Does your heart race when you hear a knock on your door? Your neighbor has threatened to report you if don’t get your dog’s howling under control.

Has the love you feel for your dog started to fade because you’re overwhelmed by his attachment?

Does dread overcome you during your evening commute, worrying that your dog may have horribly injured himself trying to escape his crate?

Have you been thwarted by previous training attempts? You need a highly-trained specialist—an expert who devotes her days to resolving dog desolation distress.

I offer a distinctively successful approach to separation anxiety issues with daily guidance and extensive encouragement. You’ll be able to go the grocery store again without begging your family members to babysit your dog. If you and your dog are suffering from your dog’s separation anxiety, sign up for my Separation Anxiety Program. I’ll help dissolve your despair.

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Get relief from the desolation of your dog’s separation anxiety.

Separation Anxiety Dog Program

Program Details

  • Complimentary 30-minute phone consultation
  • Daily email support from a certified, experienced dog trainer and separation anxiety specialist
  • Tangible step-by-step exercises to resolve your dog’s separation anxiety
  • Weekly online face-to-face sessions to help you overcome obstacles
  • Motivation for you to keep your commitment to your dog’s improvement
  • Compassionate, customized approach for you and your dog
  • Available worldwide via Skype or Zoom

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Your Separation Anxiety Specialist

Separation Anxiety Dog Specialist

CSAT - Certified Separation Anxiety TrainerTerrie has successfully helped dogs all over the world who were suffering from separation anxiety with her innovative, positive approach. She’s a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), completing Malena DeMartini’s Separation Anxiety Certification Program is a prestigious honor few trainers have achieved. With Terrie, you’ll receive vital knowledge for productive change and a compassionate shoulder to lean on—every step of the way.

Scheduling is much easier and faster because you don’t need to factor in commuting time.

Emerge from the darkness and isolation with real-time observations of your dog’s behavior. Gain specific insights on the subtleties of your dog’s anxiety from a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer. Make headway with impactful, individualized and behaviorally appropriate tasks. Enjoy the freedom of appreciable absences with succinct, customized daily exercises. And glean the knowledge to continue your dog’s lifelong progress.

With Terrie’s sympathetic expertise, you’ll no longer be stranded in despair or captive in your home.


Hudson’s separation anxiety led us to Terrie who specializes in dealing with this problem. With her guidance, Hudson gained confidence, and so did we. Terrie is committed to helping every blended family of humans and dogs be the best they can be. We’ll always be grateful.

Monica, Morley, and Hudson

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